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Authentic Polish BLU     

Quality never compromises. That’s why BLU produces multi blends of 100% premium of natural contents—the very finest—and makes it available in different tastes: medium with a rich, smooth, balanced flavors.
The 250 ML can of BLU is one of the most widely recognized of BLU International’s signatures. Reserved for use in commercial establishments—the quantity of energy products is more than could be used in a reasonable time in the home and would therefore become stale—the pressurized can preserves all the precious flavor and niacin for at least two years. It features a top-off lid and is designed to drink once opened.


Market Magnet Inc.: a company, a family and a city

When the Mazlooms arrived in Saudi Arabia as foreigner servicemen during the early eighties, they thought it the ideal place to start a business:  a multilingual border city offering a port with warehouses, insurance companies and skilled professionals, a city teeming with historical products-the intersection of society and culture, a perfect place to transform a raw material from far-off lands into a product which then travels the world.     



In 2010, BLU Energy Drinks was discovered in Saudi Arabia by a Mazloom, as a result, Market Magnet Inc. has become the only sole agent for BLU International which has become the only company in the world housing the complete energy production process and is internationally recognized as the locus of the most important energy products research and test laboratories. 

Since its founding, Market Magnet Inc. has remained a family run company with Ahmed, Mazloom's son, who was a General Manager for 25 years and his son, Bilal, who is the current Business Development Manager. Bilal has guided the company towards nationalization, process innovations, and the endless pursuit of quality and spreading the culture of energy products.

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