A Brief History
  A Journey Of Pleasure

A balance of  tones, a subtle and nuanced dialog




“When we drink energy drinks, our tongue gets painted with a lingering taste of joy. As long as it stays painted, it remains tasty!”
- Bilal Mazloom, son of Market Magnet’s founder Ahmed Mazloom

Distributing the world’s finest tasting product requires an exacting balance of subtle, aromatic nuances; a blending of acidic, sweet and bitter notes, in order to create the distinctive BLU taste. BLU’s rich body envelopes the palate, creating a pleasant tactile sensation as it paints the tongue with a sustainable taste. Numerous flavors ranging from original to cranberry with traces of energy, low sugar, hints of niacin and vitamins, all blend sweetly together. Even those who prefer sugarless drinks are sure to be more than gratified by the end result.


A momentary pleasure that lingers on
As its name suggests, BLU is made to purchase and lasts but a moment or more, providing a brief, intense sips of pleasure that define the daily rhythm of life in much of the energetic world.

For BLU Energy Drinks, improving and enhancing the enjoyment of energy drinks is the object of its research and passion, an object where beauty, art, culture and science meet in a delightful and joyous ritual.

A journey through the senses

No other beverage has the beneficial effects of BLU on the mind and body. It enhances lucidity and concentration, stimulates creativity, caresses the senses and evokes myriad sensations and memories. This is partly due to the small amount of caffeine, but primarily due to its niacin and body. Niacin is the set of fragrances released from the can and body is the tactile perception of velvet between the tongue and palate. Each niacin acts on the personal memory, bringing on recollections and associations. Tasting, that is, learning to drink a good beverage consciously, also means rediscovering the flavor of the past and more about yourself and your experience in the world. Tasting a BLU is, above all, a journey through the senses. And tasting is much more than merely trying, it is recognizing the components and understanding the reasons for the taste. Therefore you enjoy it twice over, broadening the pleasure of this most rich of experiences.







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