A Brief History
  A Journey Of Pleasure

An entrepreneurís passion becomes a brand marked by quality.

      Founded in 2010, Market Magnet Inc. has become the exclusive agent and distributor of the only BLU Poland SP. ZO. O. BLU International produces and sells a unique blend of premium quality energy products worldwide. The unmistakable BLU taste was found in every can all around the world; it comes from its blend of  00% natural contents. BLU Energy Drink was founded in 2007; the brand became an immediate success and export operations were followed shortly. Nowadays; more than a 100 million cans as consumed worldwide per year. BLU products are the sizzling new energy products that are taking the US, Europe and the Middle East by storm. Today the Market Magnet Inc. group promotes the expansion of the energy products market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the global culture of energy beverages through all the elements contributing to a perfect can of BLU energy drink.      


A precious pause that improves the quality of work.

      An excellent beverage promotes wellbeing, creativity and efficiency in the office, not to mention goodwill and appreciation among all those who work there. And when served to clients and guests, a superb BLU is also a mark of discriminating taste and a reflection of the exacting standards of the business offering it. 


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