A Brief History
  A Journey Of Pleasure

What is BLU all about?

Energy drinks have their origin in Japan during 1960s, Lipvitan D which was a mix of the B Vitamins, niacin and taurine which was reputed to boost your energy levels and make you more focused.
Lovers of the night time activities soon adopted this drink to raise their stamina and physical performance so they could party longer.
In today’s world energy drinks are used by all sorts of people, from students cramming for exams, to athletes wanting to increase their endurance levels, to office workers needing to work longer hours to meet deadlines, to party-goers who just want to party longer.
From Asia energy drinks soon became popular in Europe and the United States and has impacted the global drinks market in a way never seen before.
The energy drinks market is relatively new in comparison to many long established instantly recognizable soft drinks and due to its youth the market has attracted innumerable alternatives and choices.

In today’s market BLU is the best and the only choice.....






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