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  A Journey Of Pleasure

Sustainable development stems from quality

Behind Market Magnet Incís commitment to sustainable development lies its unwavering search for quality, pursued throughout the energy beverage journey, from can to cup. And the better, more appreciated and desired energy in the cup, is the greater the resources and the opportunities for development and growth in the countries growing it.


This is why Market Magnet Inc. believes sustainability affects the whole distribution and production process and everything contributing to it: lands, people, environment and technology. It begins with the stores that sell energy products, where Market Magnet Inc. works directly with the retail chains, passing on its know-how, helping to improve cultivation, purchasing the energy products and rewarding a commitment to quality. This collaboration involves the individual retail owners, but often also strengthens entire production systems with long-term investments ensuring lasting growth in revenue and profit. It continues in convenient stores and HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes), where the methods are constantly improved to steadily reduce the cost and increase profit. Knowledge acquired through the sales collaboration with convenient stores and HoReCas and feedbacks is transferred back to the agent to pass it all the way to the manufacturer in the shape of new techniques for sustainable products. But Market Magnet Incís commitment is also to its employees, who work in a vibrant, stimulating company; it is attentive to their needs and their professional growth. And of course to the customers and consumers who enjoy the advantages of serving and enjoying an excellent of a real product.

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